Get Down To Business with a Stylish and Functional Home Office

Working from home is now more common than ever! While there are lots of awesome perks that come with working from home (ah... sweatpants!), there’s also the new challenge of sharing a space with some less than accommodating “coworkers”. Maybe your furry feline decides your office needs a hairball or two...or your kids serenade your Zoom call with the soothing sounds of a video game. Since working from home is now a new normal for many of us, we’re sharing some tips on how to create a stylish and functional space. Hello home sweet home office!

1. Show Some Personality

This is your home office, so why not make it a space you love? Bring in what you love and what makes you YOU. Personal touches such as a framed photograph of your family, fun wall art or swag from your favorite sports team give your office a little personality and make it a pleasant place to work.

2. Floor It With Floorigami

Set the foundation for a stylish and functional office with flooring that’s just that: stylish and functional. You know the cat with the hairball and the noisy kids we mentioned? Floorigami does more than just look amazing. The peel and stick planks are super easy to clean - just remove, clean and replace. Floorigami also makes your space more comfortable and quiet by helping to block out distracting noises.

3. Bring The Outdoors In

Pop a few potted plants around your office for a dose of the outdoors. Houseplants not only add a stylish touch to your office, they also clean the air and help create a calm, creative space. The snake plant and ZZ plant are low-maintenance options that are great for first time plant parents.

4. Light It Up

Lighting is key when it comes to a functional home office. If your home office has a window, take advantage of natural lighting by placing your desk nearby. A well-lit space will help you to be more productive and motivated. Also, those plants mentioned above will thank you!

5. Organize Your Space

I think we can all agree that a mess means stress. So declutter your desk and organize your home office for a space that encourages productivity and positive vibes. Go vertical with cabinets or shelving that complement your decor and help tidy up your workspace.